Communications for positive social change

About Heron

I’m Sarah and I set up Heron after over ten years of working in some of the world’s top PR agencies, on issues that were making a genuine difference to people’s lives. Integrity, tenacity and compassion lie at the heart of how I develop and implement communications programmes for my clients. My goal with every client I work with, is to ensure that communications is positively impacting the lives of people who need and deserve support from our society.

As an independent consultant I offer high level communications experience, strong judgement and creative insight to any organisation I work with and most importantly, the drive to make a positive difference through communication.

Strategic communications development

A service that is offered by many, but rarely done as effectively as it could be. I bring the breadth of experience of working across the Government’s largest departments along with charities and well known corporate brands, to any strategy that I work on. I listen, research, interrogate and work with you to get to the heart of what needs to be achieved.

Stakeholder engagement programmes

Having worked on highly contentious issues for the likes of the Foreign Office and Department of Health, I understand how to work with vulnerable individuals, Government departments, international partners, parents and medical professionals to name a few, to deliver communications programmes that make a difference to people’s lives.

Meaningful audience engagement

My interest in people and what matters to them means that I am naturally curious about the audiences that different organisations need to reach. I meticulously research and will never recommend an approach which won’t resonate with the people you want to engage with.

Achieving effective media cut through

I work on issues that I believe make a difference and as a result, journalists know I will always come to them with relevant stories that are worth writing about. If I don’t think a story will work, I will tell you which means that media will invariably want to hear from your organisation.

Heron Associates

Why Heron

Herons symbolize resourcefulness and determination, something that I have an abundance of having worked with numerous organisations which often have a vital message to deliver but limited time and money to put behind communications. Herons also represent stillness and a calm head, two things that are crucial in seeing the bigger picture and devising and implementing effective communications strategies.

Experience: Past & Present