Our Work

The Health Foundation

Sarah works with the Health Foundation to convey complex and at times sensitive messaging by securing targeted national and trade media coverage. Her work involves collaborating with senior members of the communications, policy and analysis teams to devise and implement strategies for the organisation’s activity around improving frontline health care; producing independent evidence and analysis to support better long-term decision making in health and social care and corporate profiling. She works with these teams to create detailed communications strategies, setting clear objectives and creating concise key messages. So far, this has resulted in a continual drip feed of meaningful and targeted coverage across national and health trade publications which hits diverse objectives from across the organisation.

International Social Service Network

The ISS is an international NGO with over 120 member countries from across the world.  Its purpose is to assist children and families confronted with complex social problems as a result of migration as well as awareness raising and advocacy work to improve children’s rights. We were brought in to distil the considerable amount of activity, achievements and strategic objectives from across the organisation, into a concise and targeted media plan. The team also delivered an intensive 2 day media training workshop to over 50 member countries. Attendees ranged from social workers to media specialists and to ensure the vital time they were putting aside for this was put to good use, the session had to cater for varying degrees of media knowledge and engagement. We received hugely positive feedback from all attendees with high scores on our feedback forms.


Heron works with brothers Charlie and Joe Jones to promote their expertise in the financial recruitment industry and commitment to tackling the historic gender gap in the workplace. With clients including Sony, Ralph Lauren and Ipsos Mori, Charlie and Joe are a genuinely dynamic duo, taking proactive steps to ensure better equality in the workplace. We worked with them to help develop their messaging and strategic communications thinking; we are now underway with our media engagement and event planning and are on track to land some brilliant coverage this Autumn.

London Air Ambulance

Sarah works on coordinating London Air Ambulance’s preparations for its 2022 Appeal which aims to raise £15 million by 2025 for two new helicopters. Sarah is responsible for developing the external and internal communications strategies including overseeing celebrity and media engagement, working with and developing case study stories and videography and ensuring the objectives of a wide range of internal and external stakeholders are being met at any given time.

“Sarah worked closely with the fundraising and comms team at Stoll, helping to develop, lead and implement our communications strategy. She quickly became part of the team and formed trusted relationships with everyone including myself and our then Chief Executive. Sarah worked with lots of our beneficiaries to help tell their stories which resulted in powerful national coverage that was sensitive to the issues involved but also helped achieve our overarching objectives. She is very thorough in her work, takes a highly strategic approach and forms a good rapport with colleagues from the outset."”


Director of Fundraising and Communications, Stoll

“Sarah and her team worked with us to develop our strategic communications plan and crucially, to help us develop our key messages. They developed concise and effective materials which I was then able to disseminate within the organization. One of the highlights of working with them was an in depth 2 day media training workshop which they ran with members from across the world. It was highly successful and was received very well across the board at all levels. They worked collaboratively and positively with us throughout, genuinely cared about our work and used their expertise to help us focus our messaging and crucially, what we want to be known for globally."”


CEO, International Social Service Network (an international child protection NGO)